NSAB's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

When we talk about equality, diversity and inclusion, it's with an understanding that these are separate but interlinked issues, which may need different approaches.

Equality means making sure that everyone is treated fairly and with dignity and respect. It means challenging discrimination and removing barriers, so that everyone has opportunities to achieve their desired outcomes.

Diversity is about recognising the benefits of different values, abilities, and perspectives, and celebrating people's differences. This means promoting an environment that welcomes and values diverse backgrounds, thinking, skills and experience.

Inclusion is providing a space where everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources, and where everyone feels valued and accepted. Everyone should be able to contribute and have a voice. This may mean making reasonable adjustments to facilitate participation.

The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are central to NSAB's work as an effective Safeguarding Adults Board.  Our vision is that the people of Northamptonshire irrespective of age, race, gender, culture, religion, disability or sexual orientation are able to live with their rights protected, in safety, free from abuse and the fear of abuse.

NSAB recognises that people from different backgrounds and with different experiences can provide us with fresh ideas, broader perspectives, and insights into the needs and challenges of our service users. We believe that working in a diverse environment broadens everyone's horizons, making for more innovative and stimulating thinking. The more diverse we are, the greater the talent we have and the better we can be.

NSAB is committed to creating an inclusive culture, in which people from all backgrounds and abilities can reach their full potential and bring their whole selves to making Northamptonshire a safer place, so that we all work together to keep people safe.