Policies and procedures

The multi-agency policy and procedures are aimed at agencies and individuals involved in safeguarding adults, including managers, professionals, volunteers and staff working in public, voluntary and private sector organisations.

Please note: In light of the council changes which came into force from 1 April 2021, Northamptonshire Safeguarding Adults Board are in the process of updating a number of the policies and procedures below with the new contact details for all teams. If you wish you make a safeguarding referral, please call the adult social care team in your area; North Northamptonshire Council - 0300 126 3000 or West Northamptonshire Council - 0300 126 7000.

Safeguarding adults procedures and forms

Adult Risk Management (ARM) Toolkit

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Adults Board has put together a toolkit of materials to aid practitioners in undertaking an ARM meeting. The toolkit is made up of a variety of materials including guidance, pro formas to be used during meetings and a video detailing what the ARM process is, when an ARM should be used and the ARM oversight panel.

Watch the ARM video

Alert and notification form

Communications and Public Reporting Protocol

Complaints Policy

Decision Making Framework

Escalation Policy


  • Under review by Local Authorities

Hoarding Framework

Information sharing

Inter-agency procedures

Long Term Segregation and Seclusion - West Northamptonshire

Long term segregation refers to a situation where, in order to reduce a sustained risk of harm posed by the patient to others, which is a constant feature of their presentation, a multi-disciplinary review and a representative from the responsible commissioning authority determines that a patient should not be allowed to mix freely with other patients on the ward or unit on a long-term basis (Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice 2015, 26.150). Such long term segregation should take place in line with the Mental Health Act legislation and the Code of Practice and as such the local authority should be informed.

We request that the following form is used to inform West Northamptonshire Council's Assurance Team of long term segregation in line with the Code of Practice and where there are no safeguarding concerns arising from the use of long term segregation.

Report a prolonged period of Seclusion or Long Term SegregationSeclusion refers to the supervised confinement and isolation of a patient, away from other patients, in an area from which the patient is prevented from leaving, where it is of immediate necessity for the purpose of the containment of severe behavioural disturbance which is likely to cause harm to others (Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice 2015, 26.103). 

In West Northamptonshire it has been agreed with mental health partners, that West Northamptonshire's Council's Assurance Team will be informed of seclusions where they meet a 72 hour threshold.

Person in a position of trust


Raising concerns about vulnerable children and adults

SAR Protocol


Serious incident and safeguarding process

Training strategy