Leaflets and posters

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Adults Board is raising awareness of how to report a safeguarding adults concern. Please support #ReportIt by sharing and printing the leaflets, posters and social media messaging to your Northamptonshire networks.

Safeguarding posters

These posters are designed to be printed and shared to help raise awareness that safeguarding is everyone's business and inform people how they can report a concern. The content contained within the posters is available on the report a concern page of our website. You may want to resize the poster to suit your needs.

Social media graphics

These images are designed to be shared via your Northamptonshire Networks. Be social and support #ReportIt to help raise awareness of safeguarding adults. Remember, safeguarding is everyone’s business. 

We have put together some suggested wording to go with the images. Please share and direct people to the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Adults Board website:

  • Today I helped fight abuse in Northamptonshire by sharing this message. Will you? #ReportIt
  • Today our company supported the fight against abuse by downloading and printing posters to hang in our staff room/toilets/information point #ReportIt

What the images say

If you suspect someone is at risk of harm or abuse, report it.  

Find out how to report a concern